New Passenger logo designed by Infantree overlayed on a coffee shop image

Passenger Coffee & Tea

A Coffee Brand That's Going Places

Brands evolve over time. A change in leadership can lead to a new vision. A brand might introduce products or services that allow them to enter a new market. While there are many reasons brands rethink their strategies, few agencies get to be part of a brand’s creation and its transformation.

When we began developing Passenger’s initial brand, the visual direction was inspired by a gritty, industrial vibe that matched the aesthetic of their new roasting facility in Lancaster, PA. As Passenger’s coffee operation began to grow and evolve, so did their aesthetic—and we helped them create a cleaner look to match.

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How It Started: Nostalgic Travel Inspires A Name | 2013

original Passenger Coffee visual identity designed by Infantree with a heavy nostalgic travel theme

High Class Beans, Working Class Roots

Longtime entrepreneur Crystal Weaver founded Passenger in 2013, wanting to create an exceptional roaster to supply her growing hospitality business and other cafes across the country. The Passenger facility, with its exposed brick, concrete floors, and wooden walls led us to create a brand with a heritage-inspired feel. This included a coffee-sipping train conductor dubbed “Otis” by the Passenger staff. Soon appearing on everything from cups to signage, he represented a return to a bygone era of travel that first inspired the Passenger name.

gallery of images including original Passenger Coffee packaging and white interior of store

The Evolution of a Brand

 In 2016, Passenger opened a specialty coffee bar in downtown Lancaster, elevating the brand to a more modern and refined sensibility. The leadership team also welcomed new voices, and each person brought their own perspective on what Passenger stood for.

While we found ways to simplify some brand elements to better align with Passenger’s new aesthetic, there was tension between how the brand was designed and what it had become. So, Passenger gave us the opportunity to rethink the brand for their next chapter.

geometric pattern created by Infantree for new Passenger brand identity

How It’s Going: Taking Steps Towards A New Vision | 2019

Same Process, Different Results

We provided the Passenger team with new ways to articulate their thoughts and ideas. Through our Archetype and Visual Language workshops, we synthesized their feedback into the new direction for Passenger: a brand that encourages exploration and discovery.

person sitting on a leather couch holding the Passenger Annual Report designed by Infantree

Fresh from the Press

Since 2019’s overhaul, we’ve had several chances to work with Passenger’s brand—like designing their first annual transparency report.

collage of spreads from the Passenger Annual Report, designed by Infantree
gallery of images: new Passenger Coffee packaging and visual language board

Fellow Travelers

Passenger has become a national brand with an intentional approach to sourcing, roasting, and serving memorable coffee and tea. With uncompromising quality and continuous learning at the core of everything they do, Passenger is challenging the status quo. We’re excited to go along with them on their journey.

Our long-term relationship with the Infantree has allowed them to fully understand the evolution of the Passenger brand. They were able to guide us toward a new cohesive identity and messaging strategy that fully captures who we are and where we’re going. We are thrilled with the outcome.

Kyle Sollenberger