Power to the Challengers

We’re a branding agency that has never aspired to work for the reigning corporate champions. We’d rather fight alongside the upstarts—the ones with a quarter of their competitors’ budgets and the daring to make up for it. The scrappy and the passionate. The small-officed and big-hearted. Sound like anyone you know?

We help startups and disruptors grow in markets where the expected tactics spell defeat.

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When to send in The Infantree

  • You struggle to communicate your value.

  • You’re launching a new business or product.

  • You’re being outmaneuvered by a competitor.

  • You’re not connecting with the right people.

  • Your messaging or identity have grown stale.

  • You’re changing your mission or vision.

  • You feel stuck—and need an outside perspective.

  • You need a support team to help you take the next step.

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