Power to the Challengers

We're a brand agency that has never aspired to work for the reigning corporate champions. We'd rather fight alongside the upstarts. The Davids squaring off against their giants. The organizations who can't afford to aim for incremental growth—or fall back on the way things have always been done. Because it's in these pivotal moments that great branding can have the greatest impact.

We help startups and disruptors grow in markets where the expected tactics spell defeat.

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When to send in The Infantree

  • You struggle to communicate your value.

  • You’re launching a new business or product.

  • You’re being outmaneuvered by a competitor.

  • You’re not connecting with the right people.

  • Your messaging or identity have grown stale.

  • You’re changing your mission or vision.

  • You feel stuck—and need an outside perspective.

  • You need a support team to help you take the next step.

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