How we work

Our Approach

Our Team

  • Ryan Martin

    Account Director
  • Ryan Smoker

    Creative Director
  • Chelsea Bock

    Chelsea Bock headshot
    Account Manager
  • Laura Burkholder

    Office Manager
  • Ashley Eberly

    Digital Director
  • Blake Embree

    Senior Designer
  • Jordan High

    Art Director
  • Ryan Lebo

    portrait of Ryan Lebo
    Front-End Developer
  • Caroline Long

    portrait of Caroline Long
  • Leila Ray

    portrait of Leila Ray, production manager at Infantree
    Production Manager
  • Liz Rosenfeld

    profile view of Liz Rosenfeld, Account Coordinator at Infantree
    Account Manager
  • Dan Smith

    portrait of Dan Smith, Account Manager at Infantree
    Account Manager
  • Trevor Stauffer

    Trevor Stauffer
    Content Strategist
  • Taylor Ungureanu


Ready to Enlist?

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