two kids going down a curly slide with butterfly wings illustrated on their backs

King Swings

Featuring Benefits, Not Features

When recalling memories on the playground, no one reminisces about the equipment’s construction specs. Yet that’s precisely how most manufacturers advertise their play sets. And to some extent, it makes sense, since parents want to know that what they’re buying can handle crazy kids doing crazy kid stuff. But with all their competitors saying the same thing, we saw the chance for King Swings to own a different story. And our research was clear: what parents really wanted in a play set was to let their kids be kids. It was more about the quality of play than the quality of the play set.

Services Provided

King Swings Lets Kids Be Wholly Themselves

Two families with young kids playing around a King Swings playset

The Strategy

At a time when childhood is becoming increasingly sedentary and regimented, King Swings gives kids access to the kind of active, unstructured play that’s so important for developing minds and bodies.

color swatches for King Swings, including blues, yellow, green and red
Color Palette
Give them somewhere they can go anywhere — two children on a tandem swing
a kid gleefully going down a slide on a King Swings playset with headline: Install a new world out back
Two kids playing on a King Swings playset, headline: Introducing our all-new warship-clubhouse-castle-rocket
a collection of King Swings campaign materials, including children on playgrounds and print brochures