Johnathan, owner of Breeo fire pits, cooking over a Breeo grate

Breeo Fire Pits

Repositioning the original smokeless fire pit

All Jonathan Miller (founder of Breeo) wanted was a simple logo refresh. But it didn’t take long for our teams to realize that Breeo’s real problem was their brand positioning. While Breeo introduced the first smokeless fire pit in 2011, a competitor had since poured beaucoup bucks into advertising their smokeless alternative. Rather than trying to reclaim the category they created, Breeo found the courage to make an even bigger shift. They reinvented the category. After months of research, strategy, and concepting, we launched an entirely new brand that touts outdoor cooking as a way of life.

Services Provided

We positioned Breeo as an elemental cooking challenge

Brand Idea

While Breeo’s fire pits feature the best tech in the industry, the cooking experience they offer is beautifully primal. There are no fancy controls or bluetooth gadgets to fall back on: it’s just you, your skill, and the open flame. We introduced the tagline Become the Firemaster as an invitation to the thrill of open-fire cooking and the status that comes with it.

old Bree logo in vivid greent
Old Logo
New Logo
series of images showing food cooked over and on the rim of a Breeo fire pit
Breeo fire pits are made in the U.S.A. showing man welding together the pieces of the fire pit.
Breeo sample social post: Does it really take a master to push a button and turn a knob
Breeo sample social post: Who needs Michelin stars?
Breeo sample social post: Turn any lawn into a stage

Adding Fuel to Breeo’s Fire

Since the rebrand, Breeo has become a household name in the outdoor cooking space, winning praise from The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Business Insider, and more.

The rebrand has allowed us to be visually cohesive, professional, and poised for growth. Because the design was so well thought out and future-proofed, the visual identity will stay relevant. We are constantly growing into the brand, rather than outgrowing it.

Jonathan Miller

Founder of Breeo