Ellicott & Co heritage brand identity designed by Infantree
Ryan Martin & Ryan Smoker talking inside Ellicott & Co's brick and mortar store

Ellicott & Co.

After years of building clients' brands, we launched our own

For many entrepreneurs and executives, there’s a tension between “brand” concerns and “business” concerns. They see brand as a matter of cosmetics rather than one of the most valuable assets they own. We established Ellicott & Co. with the belief that a good brand decision is always good business. And because we didn’t have anywhere to send our wives to shop for us.

Services Provided

Timeless Goods for the Modern Man

Flat lay of products sold at Ellicott & Co with headline "Wherever you are, be all there"

The Brand Identity

The name Ellicott & Co. is a tribute to Mr. Andrew Ellicott, a gentlemanly Lancastrian who was early America’s most influential (and best dressed) surveyor. We envisioned a retail store in the spirit of a bygone era—when handmade ruled over mass produced, things were made to last, and local craftsmanship mattered.

A product wall at Ellicott & Co feature clothing, antiques, outdoor goods, and vintage bags
Ellicott & Co brand messaging: Set Your Sights on Intentional Living
Stack of candles created just for Ellicott & Co with packaging designed by Infantree

Staying True to the Brand

While we’ve always had our loyal fans, Ellicott & Co. wasn’t an immediate financial success. Opening a brick-and-mortar store in an increasingly online age has its good days and its bad. We’ll be honest: there were times when it was tempting to cut ourselves some slack on the whole brand integrity thing. 

But even when it wasn’t easy, we kept our focus intentionally narrow. We didn’t add women’s clothes, try to go national, or break from our aesthetic. Instead, we’ve continued to lean fully into the brand’s identity: timeless goods for the modern man. And we’ve found opportunities within that identity—from hosting Smoke & Spirits nights to introducing our own product line.

Gallery of custom Ellicott & Co branded goods: print pieces, grooming products, and Lancaster T-shirts
Cocktail cards for whiskey bourbon rye custom designed for Ellicott & Co by Infantree

Sudden Spike, Smooth Sailing

When the pandemic hit, many small retailers were left scrambling to adapt. Although we hadn’t intended to suddenly shift so much of our business online, our digital team had built our e-commerce site to handle more sales than we ever expected—which was exactly what 2020 delivered.

Social post for Ellicott & Co: Pipe Smoking Event
Social post for Ellicott & Co: Father's Day Sale
Social post for Ellicott & Co: Black Friday Sale

Smoke & Spirits Nights

To us, the Ellicott & Co. brand has become more than a store. It’s our opportunity to bring together men in our community and connect over life’s finest things. What better way to slow down and get to know loyal patrons than with a pipe, a few rounds of Scotch, and a table heaped with grilled meats?

50% growth in sales from 2019–2021

Our brand-focused intentionality has paid off. From 2019 to 2021, sales grew 50%. Since 2016, they’ve doubled. That growth hasn’t been driven by some miracle marketing tactic, but by building a community around a thoughtful, consistent brand.