New Integrous Fences & Decks identity designed by Infantree
Sarah & Jason Horst, owners of Integrous Fences and Decks


Fenced in by a Respected Name

Entrepreneurs Sara and Jason Hurst faced a dilemma. Their business, The Fence Experts, had become synonymous with the best quality and workmanship in the region. But now they wanted to build decks, too—and “The Fence and Deck Experts” just didn’t have the same ring. We helped the Hursts translate their company’s hard-won reputation into a new brand and website, creating a rollout strategy to guide the transition at every step.

Services Provided

Ryan Smoker explaining Infantree's visual language process to a client

Strategy Shaped By Values

We interviewed staff, surveyed clients, and enjoyed plenty of honest discussions. One recurring theme was integrity—in business, in relationships, and in craftsmanship. That led us to a new name (and visual identity) that stays true to their legacy while offering room to grow.

gallery of images showing strategic process defining the new Integrous brand identity
The Fence Experts logo
Old Logo
New Logo

We led with the lifestyle Integrous Makes Possible

Integrous Ad Concept of a composite deck with two kids: The outdoor space your family deserves

The Heart of the Brand

While showing the benefits of a backyard sanctuary might seem obvious, few outdoor living brands embrace this approach. Sure, they might show happy homeowners enjoying their decks, but for Integrous, we wanted a lifestyle focus to really drive the brand. Since brand launch, this focus on living your best backyard life has continued to guide copy, design, and photography choices.

Integrous Ad Concept of a composite deck, railing, and awning at sunset: Suddenly a staycation doesn't sound so bad

Planning a Seamless Rollout

At first, Jason and Sara were concerned that a new name and identity would undo the 10 years they’d spent building brand equity and awareness. So we developed a rollout strategy and detailed timeline to ensure that all aspects of the brand launch felt seamless for both Integrous and their customers—and helped protect the company’s reputation for exceptional work and customer care.

A Website Built to Grow

For Integrous, positioning the brand around “outdoor spaces” has allowed them to incorporate new products like pergolas, railings, and louvered roofs in a way that feels cohesive rather than confusing.

Integrous social media ad: What features can I add to my deck
Integrous social media ad: No Fine Print; 5-year warranty
Integrous social media ad of woman relaxing with a cocktail on a composite wood pool deck: Unfortunately you have plans this weekend

Results of the Rebrand

Integrous saw a 30% increase in gross sales during their first year post-launch. We also helped them save $50,000 in digital marketing. Integrous experienced greater momentum and a bigger market share than ever before.

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30% Increase in Gross Sales for the Year

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$50K Decrease in Ad Spending

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4.25% Increase in Closing Rate

The Integrous team standing around a flat-bed truck wearing shirts with their new logo designed by Infantree

The risk of rebranding turned out to be almost completely nonexistent, thanks to our guides and friends at Infantree. They executed the whole process wonderfully and created a brand that sells itself to our clientele.

Jason Hurst

Owner, Integrous