Field Notes

User Experience [UX]

UX includes all “soft skill” and data-backed elements that contribute to how a user perceives a brand via a website. This means having the oversight to ensure all of the following work together to create one holistic, positive experience for a website:

  • Marketing messaging
  • Design
  • Content (length, tone, and media)
  • Site architecture
  • Clear pathways to conversion or critical information
  • Performance (slow sites lead to frustration)

If any of the pieces don’t harmonize together, the perception of the brand can be confused/forgettable, or—worse—negatively impacted because of a frustrating page load or complex pathways. Usability testing is often included under this umbrella to ensure pathways are actually clear for the main purpose of the website.

The goal of UX design is to ensure a lasting positive impression of a brand with clear, memorable messaging, visuals, informational pathways, and well-timed responses.

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