Field Notes

Shopify Plus

The premium Shopify plan, Shopify Plus, gives clients greater access for customizing (including the checkout template) for $2,000/month. Third-party apps are still an extra cost, and those costs are sometimes greater for Shopify Plus members.

Included in Shopify Plus:

[Shopify] Scripts

NOT JavaScript, Shopify Scripts are helpful for setting up BOGOs, Shipping discounts, and other parameters without the use of a coupon. (Only one coupon can be applied per order.) Script templates can be found in Shopify’s docs. Scripts can be a replacement for some paid app features, however, the cost of the average app doesn’t justify the additional $2,000/month.

[Shopify] Flows

A Shopify Flow allows for automated workflows. More specifically, a Flow monitors store events and lets you create an automated sequence of actions that are taken in response. For example, you can tag customers after they purchase a specific item to market to them in the future.

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