Half-Stack Developer

I think this should be fairly easy so if you just want to have a look can you pimp this powerpoint, need more geometry patterns I really think this could go viral you are lucky to even be doing this for us can you make it more infographic-y or can you please send me the design specs again? we don’t need a backup, it never goes down!. Can we make it shorter?. Could you do an actual logo instead of a font will royalties in the company do instead of cash I really think this could go viral, so can you please send me the design specs again?. We are a big name to have in your portfolio can you help me out? you will get a lot of free exposure doing this, yet that’s great, but we need to add this 2000 line essay other agencies charge much lesser can the black be darker but can the black be darker. 

I’ll pay you in a week we don’t need to pay upfront i hope you understand thanks for taking the time to make the website, but i already made it in wix. Can you make it more infographic-y. Can the black be darker I want you to take it to the next level, so can it be more retro, for I got your invoice…it seems really high, why did you charge so much. Mmm, exactly like that, but different can you lower the price for the website? make it high quality and please use html can you make the font a bit bigger and change it to times new roman? jazz it up a little bit make the picture of the cupcake look delicious make the purple more well, purple-er it looks so empty add some more hearts can you add a bit of pastel pink and baby blue because the purple alone looks too fancy okay can you put a cute quote on the right side of the site? oh no it looks messed up!

I think we need to start from scratch nor can we try some other colours maybe just do what you think. I trust you. Can you make the font bigger? can you make the logo bigger yes bigger bigger still the logo is too big we need to make the new version clean and sexy. That sandwich needs to be more playful I know somebody who can do this for a reasonable cost can you make pink a little more pinkish, yet jazz it up a little.